The Futile FanGirl
posted June 24, 2012

I just re-watched the pilot and I’m totally geeking-out about what I noticed…

In episode 1, Emma swerves out of the way so she doesn’t hit the wolf, but instead hits the sign (and her head).

Then the camera cuts to the storybook.

And of all the pages the wind could have blown to—it’s “Alice in Wonderland”!

Seemingly alluding that Emma—ending-up in Storybrooke—is like “Alice”!

Then, in episode 17, we see Emma swerve her car again so she doesn’t hit the “Mad Hatter”!

Come on! Throw a fangirl a bone!

Emma as a sort-of Alice-like character?

Geez! The potential for Mad Swan has been set-up since the pilot!

It NEEDS to happen!!

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